to the girl he loved before-

you didn’t trust him when he needed your trust. you didn’t love him when he felt more alone then he ever had before.

i told you in the beginning that he was a lot to lose.

but now i will love him like you never did.

the difference is that i won’t lose him.

fairy tales

i always believed in fairy tales until i met you.

i dreamed of my prince charming… a man on a shimmering white horse.

i dreamed of peter pan that would come and take me to a land where your biggest worry were the pirates in the cove down the path.

i dreamed of mad hatters, cats that smile, and white rabbits that run late to a party that was never planned to begin with.

but still… i always believed in fairy tales until i met you.

I dreamed of a ball gown as elegant as the drizzling rain in early may.

i dreamed of flying away from a family as torn and tattered as cinderella’s dress before the bibbity-bobbity-boo.

i dreamed of a happy ending to a broken story book.

but now, i believe in real life.

i wake up to a heart that is open to fixing mine.

a heart who would run a million miles to bring me ice cream and hugs to warm a cold night.

a heart who takes me into his arms, of which feel just as safe flying to neverland and never growing old.

i believe in real life because i no longer have to dream.

because these were never fairy tales to begin with.

i believe in real life because i open my eyes and see you smile.

you smile and we sail away on a ship in the sky.

i no longer believe in fairytales, you see.

because finally, reality is better than my dreams.

i notice you

you told me that you always felt invisible

you felt like you could scream but nobody would hear you.

but i notice you.

i notice the small things.

i notice when you bite your lip when you are concentrated.

i notice how you when you get nervous, you hold your hand up to your face.

i notice how your eyes disappear when you smile.

i notice how nervous you get when i’m not okay, but you try and act tough to make me feel safe.

i notice how your breathing gets deeper when you start to fall asleep.

i notice how you like being held when things feel uncertain.

i notice how you love to make people laugh, and seeing other people smile makes you smile.

i notice when you like what i’m wearing because you will look me up and down over and over again.

i notice how you grab me and kiss me a little longer when i’m about to leave because you are about to miss me just as much as i’m about to miss you.

i notice how excited you get when showing me something you love.

i notice how much you hate seeing other people upset.

i notice how you stare at the ground when your sad.

i notice how you walk a little bit faster when you are stressed out.

i notice that you fiddle with your fingers when you are scared.

i notice how you look at me like i’m the only girl in the world, even if we are in a room full of people.

i notice the 16 different laughs you do, and when you do them.

I notice all of you. every little thing.

something about you is just worth noticing.

where it all ends… and start…

i’m terrified of the future…

days that haven’t started. the good and the bad.

i’m scared to walk that stage, and accept that my childhood has reached its end.

i’m scared to walk to the aisle and give my heart away to someone who could run with it in a second.

i’m scared to forgive the people who hurt me, because i know some will do it again and laugh.

i’m not scared of the dark, but more of being alone in the dark.

i’m scared to take a step of faith because i know i may slip.

i’m not scared of falling, but scared of what will happen when i hit the ground.

i’m scared to make a goal because suddenly i have something to lose.

i’m scared to speak up but i’m scared of being unheard.

i’m scared of being forgotten.

i’m scared of fading away.

but more than anything, i am scared of giving up.

i <3 u

i had a hard time deciding if i wanted to post as corvette or ambria today.

i mean come on, you know who i am now. NO. you know my name. a label.

okay okay… shut up, whoever the hell i am.

i’m gonna make this as clear as possible. This is more for a future me, so whether or not you actually read it or not, that’s up to you.

i’m speaking fully from the heart right now.

you are such a simp but GOOD NEWS.

that’s not a bad thing. Remember that boy?

yes that one. it may not be the one that i’m thinking of while writing this, because let’s be completely honest, life throws some curveballs.

but right now, that boy is making everything worth it.

every time she had one to many drinks or popped one to many pills.

every time dad didn’t come to something you had been so excited for because life simply got in the way.

every time the cops got home before you did. a childish game played by the role models in your life.

every time something fell apart.

he makes it worth it.

being loved by him is the biggest reward.

also, i really hope that the boy that you’re thinking of is the same as i, because he wouldn’t be a bad forever…

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